A Determined Soul

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 6:13 PM

Recipient Sterlin.PNG 

Sterlin, a proud father of two children aged fourteen and twelve, has been without a car, leaving him to constantly struggle to find effective means of transportation. For him, the bus is the most reliable option, however, it can take anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour, one way. Sterlin spoke about the three-to-four times in which the bus has broken down, leaving him with no other choice but to walk the ten miles to work. He explains, “Buses, they come or they don’t…I have to be here at work, so I have to walk the ten miles.”

It is easy to see just how much this car award has impacted Sterlin’s life. He no longer has to ride the bus or worry about walking the ten miles to work when it doesn’t show. He also explains how he is eager to take his two children to Ocean City. He tells us how he no longer has to plan so extensively to get to places like the grocery store and the doctor’s office. Sterlin says, “With a car, you can say 'I can get there', instead of, 'how can I get there?'...I want to thank the donors in person and tell them about the program and how much it means to me!”