Father of Three

Monday, July 17, 2017 8:28 PM

Ian and his wife recently welcomed a new baby girl; his third child. As a father of three, with a wife who is on maternity leave, he has many people relying on him. Ian is a construction worker, which requires him to work in many different locations, but he is losing work due to his lack of transportation. Without a car, he cannot get to certain sites and often misses out on these jobs. Ian wants to work longer hours and more jobs in order to support his family. His children are affected by this transportation issue as well. His 17-year-old son has not been able to participate in sports like many of his classmates. His 4-year-old will start school soon and would like to participate in afterschool activities as well. It is very difficult to get his newborn to the doctor’s office without a car.

 This car is extremely important to Ian and his family. It will improve their lives and their futures. Ian will be able to find a better paying job and work more hours to support his family. He will be able to transport his wife to work, whose maternity leave will be ending soon. They will never have to miss a doctor’s appointment for their new daughter and their other children will be able to participate in afterschool activities. The family is excited to use their car to go to the movies, the amusement park, and new restaurants.