Future Role Model

Monday, May 22, 2017 7:14 PM

Daryl’s one and a half mile commute to his job at a machine shop should take a mere five minutes, but without a car, it takes Daryl thirty to fifty minutes.  Somedays he walks fifty minutes, and others he takes a thirty-minute subway ride. This journey can prevent him from spending time with his six-year-old daughter and helping her with her schoolwork. His daughter lives at her mother's house nearby, but the walk to-and-from can be exhausting, especially after a long day.

Having to depend on friends and family for transportation makes him feel like a burden. The grocery store is too far of a walk, so he relies on his father or his friends for a ride.  His doctor’s office is only down the street, but on foot, it takes Daryl thirty minutes.

Paying it forward is extremely important to Daryl.  He has friends in his neighborhood who are going down the wrong path, a situation he was once in himself. Many of them see him as a role model. He wants to use this car award to inspire them and show them a path to success. Additionally, he is excited to take his daughter to a water park this summer. He plans to name his new ride but is going to wait until it “earns” its nickname.