8,000 Mile Journey

Monday, February 19, 2018 3:53 PM

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Grace’s journey to car-ownership has been long. Originally from Kenya, Grace moved to the United States only a year ago. Without a car of her own, she was passed over for her first job opportunity but is now currently working in the IT sector as a communications technician. Before being awarded her Vehicles for Change car, Grace tried renting a car costing her $280 per week. With her paycheck barely meeting the car rental payment, she began using the bus which required a 30-minute walk before having to take two bus rides totaling 2 hours, one-way.

With osteoarthritis in her knees, Grace’s work commutes as well as bus rides to and from physical therapy were not only long, but painful. When asked how having her own car will affect her life, Grace emphatically answered, “positively!” She is excited to no longer have to worry about getting to work on time and is looking forward to doing even more with her newly-awarded vehicle. Being interested in furthering her career in technology, Grace will be attending a coding workshop for women in D.C. and looks forward to learning more about the city she now calls home.

Before gaining the keys to her Toyota, Grace exclaimed, “I still feel like I’m in a dream and I don’t want to wake up!” When asked what she will name her car, Grace replied, “Leah,”after her mother who recently passed away due to cancer. “I wish I could call her because I know this would make her so happy. I know that I’ve made her proud.”