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More TIme For Twins

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 6:43 PM


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          Meet Angela, she is a hardworking mother of four, one ten-year old, one six-year old, and twins aged three. Her twins have both been diagnosed with autism and need several behavioral, developmental, and doctor’s appointments. Every day, she has to wait for her grandparents to arrive to watch the younger kids before she can head to work. Angela has to either take rides from her mother or pay thirty dollars for an Uber to get to her job located twenty-five miles away. Per week, she estimates spending about one hundred dollars for an Uber. Without any form of reliable transportation, Angela has been unable to attend many of the necessary appointments for her young twins.

            With her newly awarded car, Angela can take the twins to receive all of the professional care they need. She is planning a family trip to the National Zoo in...

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A Family Man

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 4:45 PM

Robert receives car award keys from Awards Coordinator Lauren Ring

          Robert is an employee for Gettle Electric, but was previously an apprentice for the Project JumpStart Program. During his apprenticeship, he relied heavily on his co-workers to drive him to and from work, paying a total of $100 a week for their generosity and flexibility. His other option for transportation was by bus, which made a 10 minute car commute turn into 45 minutes, one way. Robert’s young nephew also wants to join the football team at his school, but without a car, the commute would prove to be inaccessible, leaving Robert feeling guilty.

            With his new car award, Robert no longer has to rely on others nor spend large amounts money on transportation. This car will also help him spend more quality time with his niece and nephew. “I won’t have to just get off of work and go to point ‘B’. I’ll be able to put my nephew into the football league and I’ll be able ...

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A Concerned Mother

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 8:49 PM

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Erum is a mother of two children, aged eight and three-years-old. Due to her lack of reliable transportation, her children half to walk to school and daycare, even in inclement weather. As their mother, this causes her to worry about the health and safety of her children. Erum’s daily commute can easily extend over four hours a day via bus, but with a car, she says the trip their and back would be no more than forty-five minutes. Her eldest son wishes to play sports after school, however, without a car, the possibilities of that are slim to none. 

With this car award, Erum can not only spend more time with her family, but she can also save time and money driving to work and back. She explains, “It (car award) will save me time and money that I always end up paying to the daycare provider if I am running late. Most importantly, my kid will get to daycare safely.” Erum is going to take...

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A Determined Soul

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 6:13 PM

Recipient Sterlin.PNG 

Sterlin, a proud father of two children aged fourteen and twelve, has been without a car, leaving him to constantly struggle to find effective means of transportation. For him, the bus is the most reliable option, however, it can take anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour, one way. Sterlin spoke about the three-to-four times in which the bus has broken down, leaving him with no other choice but to walk the ten miles to work. He explains, “Buses, they come or they don’t…I have to be here at work, so I have to walk the ten miles.”

It is easy to see just how much this car award has impacted Sterlin’s life. He no longer has to ride the bus or worry about walking the ten miles to work when it doesn’t show. He also explains how he is eager to take his two children to Ocean City. He tells us how he no longer has to plan so extensively to get to places like the grocery store and the...

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A Heart of Gold

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 5:15 PM


           Pearly is a grandfather who is currently living in a transitional home after experiencing homelessness and substance addiction. Ever since his road to recovery, he has been on a mission to dedicate his life to giving back to the community. He is unable to apply to work and mentor at another regional transitional home for boys, due to a lack of means to travel there. His current job is located just a block from his transitional home, however, once he moves back with his family, his job will be five miles away. Meaning, he would have to pay every day to ride the bus in order to get to work and back.

            With his awarded car, Pearly will be able to take up the job offer at Mountain Manor in addition to his current job and fulfill his dream of helping others get back on their feet. He is most excited about being reunited with his family to spend time with his wife and...

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A Daughter In Need

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 7:43 PM


Donna is a small town single mother, who walks fifteen minutes to her job every day, sometimes leaving as early as four o’clock in the morning. Her sixteen-year-old Kenzie suffers from multiple physical and mental health issues, including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and severe bladder issues. She needs to visit her doctor and psychiatrist regularly for checkups and medication refills, but has missed several appointments due to a lack of transportation. Kenzie also needs tutoring in English, history, and science. However, due to the lack of transportation, she is unable to get the extra help.

This car award gives Donna the ability to properly care for her daughter’s health while providing the opportunity for her to receive the necessary tutoring for her schooling. She will no longer need to walk to work, and can safely drive to the grocery store located outside of her town. Donna will...

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Monday, September 11, 2017 8:45 PM


Miranda takes the bus to work, which turns a 30-minute commute into an hour and a half. Her night shift is over 10 hours, but, with travel, work takes up 13 hours of her day. The rest of her day is spent either sleeping or taking care of her 4-year-old son. She must drop him off and pick him up from daycare, between which is the only time she has for rest. Miranda has to leave for work at 4:30 PM, which leaves her little time to spend with her son. Her long hours and lack of transportation have been an obstacle for Miranda. She is sometimes late to work due to the unpredictability of public transport and had lost her previous job.

With this car award, Miranda will be able to reduce her long commute, get to work on time and keep her new job. This will allow her to spend more quality time with her young son. They are looking forward to finally going to the DC Zoo, a trip they have wanted ...

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A Humble Road

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 8:49 PM


Gloria dedicates her life to providing live in services for the elderly or disabled. Currently, her commute is one to two hours by bus. With a car, this journey would only take thirty minutes. Gloria lives with each client six days a week and assists them by running errands, getting groceries, paying bills, etc. In order to get around, she must take costly cabs and her travel expenses add up quickly. Her current salary has her struggling for financial stability. Better paying jobs are available, but these are further away and not accessible by bus.

With this car award, Gloria will be able to take on new clients and increase her earnings. She loves traveling but hasn’t been outside of Maryland in years. She plans on taking a road trip up the Northeast to Vermont and sight-see along the way. But, most importantly, this car commemorates a new chapter in her life. It took her twelve ...

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Aging Out of Foster Care

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 7:34 PM

Cheree has been in the foster care system since she was 15-years-old. Now that she is approaching 21, she will soon be on her own. She works at Chick-fil-A in the BWI airport. To get to work, she takes a 30-minute bus ride, but her commute will become more challenging as she moves out of her foster home. Arriving to work on time and keeping her job is extremely important because, not only does she have to support herself, but she also has to support her 2-year-old son. Without a car, Cheree worries for her and her son’s future outside of the foster care system. Cheree’s older sister, who recently aged out of foster care, is unemployed, homeless and in desperate need of help. Her sister cannot keep a job because of her lack of transportation, which has perpetuated the cycle of homelessness. Cheree wants to help her sister get back on her feet, but without a car of her own, she cannot.

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Getting to the Doctor

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:31 PM

Armine is a dedicated mother of two boys who recently emigrated from Armenia. She works as a home health aide and without a car, her life is extremely difficult. She must travel to different locations to see clients and it takes her three hours to travel to her job. Armine would like to work more hours, but this is not possible without a faster mode of transportation. But, the biggest struggle for Armine is dealing with her four-year-old son’s autism and epilepsy without reliable transportation. Due to his disability, she often has to carry him or push him in a stroller along with her two-year-old. Walking far distances with her two sons in her arms has caused joint pain. Taking her son to the doctor is challenging as well. He goes to many different doctors that aren’t always accessible by public transport, so he will often be late to or miss his important appointments.

With this car...

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Staying Humble

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 5:51 PM

Gloria dedicates her life to providing live in services for the elderly or disabled. Currently, her commute is one to two hours by bus. With a car, this journey would only take thirty minutes. Gloria lives with each client six days a week and assists them by running errands, getting groceries, paying bills, etc. In order to get around, she must take costly cabs and her travel expenses add up quickly. Her current salary has her struggling for financial stability. Better paying jobs are available, but these are further away and not accessible by bus.

With this car award, Gloria will be able to take on new clients and increase her earnings. She loves to travel, but hasn’t been outside of Maryland in years. She plans on taking a road trip up the Northeast to Vermont and sight-see along the way. But, most importantly, this car commemorates a new chapter in her life. It took her twelve years...

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Pursuing Passions

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 6:28 PM

Ogun is a father of five children, ages 3, 5, 10, 12 and 15. Without a car, life has been difficult for him and his family. His six-mile commute takes him an hour by bus. His wife dedicates her time to home-schooling her three youngest. She is also a raw vegan chef and works a table at a farmer’s market, but she is not able to get all the supplies she needs to run her stand.  This has hindered their earning potential and Ogun has had to turn down many job opportunities. He does not live in a safe neighborhood, so his children are unable to play outside. He cannot take his children to the park or to any summer activities because he is worried about taking five young children on public transportation with only one parent to supervise. So overall, they spend the majority of their day at home.

With this car award, Ogun will take on new, better job opportunities, his children will be able to ...

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An Hour for 5 Miles

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 4:57 PM

Mishell serves her community as a social service worker, volunteers at her church, and is a mother to a 3-week-old newborn and a 2-year-old.  But her transportation issues have been a huge burden on her life. To get to work, which is only 5 miles from her home, she must take the bus. The ride takes an hour and often the bus is late, which is a huge issue for Mishell because this can sometimes make her late to work. She just started a new job and is worried that she might lose it due to the unpredictability of the buses. Mishell has no control over her job security without reliable transportation. Additionally, it is difficult to get to the grocery store without assistance from friends or family. She has had to resort to ordering takeout often, which can get expensive. Without a car, she has not been able to take her children to see their father who is currently in jail. Mishell would...

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Father of Three

Monday, July 17, 2017 8:28 PM

Ian and his wife recently welcomed a new baby girl; his third child. As a father of three, with a wife who is on maternity leave, he has many people relying on him. Ian is a construction worker, which requires him to work in many different locations, but he is losing work due to his lack of transportation. Without a car, he cannot get to certain sites and often misses out on these jobs. Ian wants to work longer hours and more jobs in order to support his family. His children are affected by this transportation issue as well. His 17-year-old son has not been able to participate in sports like many of his classmates. His 4-year-old will start school soon and would like to participate in afterschool activities as well. It is very difficult to get his newborn to the doctor’s office without a car.

 This car is extremely important to Ian and his family. It will improve their lives and their...

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Saving Money on a Sitter

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 7:16 PM

LaAsia is a hardworking mother of three young children, ages 2, 3 and 5. Without a car, it is very difficult for LaAsia to get to work and take her children to daycare and camp. In order to solve her transportation issue, she must hire a sitter who feeds her children in the morning, drops them off at daycare and camp and brings them home in the afternoon. This service costs her $200 a month in addition to her bus passes and cab rides. LaAsia works at the Center for Addiction Medicine and recently got a raise.  For her new position, she will not have to travel to patients homes to follow up for after car. This will require a car and without one, she might lose this job.

This car award is extremely important to LaAsia. She will be able to spend more time with her three, young children and take them to and from daycare and camp. Additionally, she will be able to improve her financial...

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Caring for her Autistic Children

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 3:28 PM

Angela is a busy mother to four children, ages 10, 6 and two 3-year-olds. Her twins were born premature and have autism. Not being a car owner puts a huge burden on her already hectic life. To get to work, Angela either asks for a ride from her mother or takes an Uber. Transportation costs her around $100 weekly, an expense she can barely afford. Additionally, she has to rely heavily on her family to do every day errands. Uber and taxis do not provide car seats, so her grandmother must drive her to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments and anywhere she needs to go. Doctor’s appointments are extremely important for her two autistic toddlers. They have developmental and behavioral therapy three times a week, but they are often late or miss these appointments all together.

This car award will change this struggling family’s life. Angela will be able to be a better, more independent...

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Becoming Self-Sufficient

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 5:04 PM

Kimberley must rely on her friends to live her daily life. They drive her everywhere she needs to go. She has to find a friend to drive her to and from work every day. In addition, Kimberley is raising her two nieces, ages 8 and 12, all by herself. Her transportation issues affect them as well. They will often struggle to find rides to and from activities, the doctor’s office, and friends’ houses. Kimberley wishes she could take them to more activities, but is hesitant to ask for too much help. She feels like a burden on the people in her life.

This car award will not only improve Kimberley’s life, but her family, friends, and nieces’ lives. Kimberley will no longer have to rely on others to do simple daily activities like grocery shopping and going to the doctor. In addition to being able to drive herself to work, Kimberley plans to get a second job. Her family and friends will no...

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Carpooling with Coworkers

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 3:10 PM

Leslie never knows where his ride to work will come from. He either borrows his son’s car, takes the metro, or carpools with friends. Relying on other people is difficult for him and the metro can be expensive. Leslie has five children, ages 12, 13, 14, 21, and 22. His daughter is only able to participate in cheerleading after school, because a classmate’s parent gives her a ride home. Leslie’s children would like to be involved in more after school programs, but their transportation issues prevent them from doing so. His son’s car is not always available when Leslie’s other children need to go to the doctor.

This car award will greatly improve Leslie and his family’s life. He plans on showing up early to work and impressing his boss, which will lead to a raise. He is excited for his future and hopes to better his career and earning potential. Leslie wants this car award to improve as...

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Serving Her Community

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 7:53 PM

Shakia works as a phlebotomist for the Red Cross. An important part of her job is setting up and staffing mobile blood banks, which requires traveling to many different locations. Without a car, getting to and from work has become difficult. She hasn’t been with the Red Cross long, but she enjoys making a difference in her community. Shakia’s lack of transportation will affect her new job. As a mother of three, Shakia is in much need of reliable transportation to support her children and their future.

With this car award, Shakia will be able to travel and visit her relatives more often. She and her kids are most excited for an upcoming trip they are planning to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos! This car award will give Shakia and her family many more opportunities like this and she is extremely thankful, “I’m grateful that there are programs for people who have transportation...

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Future Role Model

Monday, May 22, 2017 7:14 PM

Daryl’s one and a half mile commute to his job at a machine shop should take a mere five minutes, but without a car, it takes Daryl thirty to fifty minutes.  Somedays he walks fifty minutes, and others he takes a thirty-minute subway ride. This journey can prevent him from spending time with his six-year-old daughter and helping her with her schoolwork. His daughter lives at her mother's house nearby, but the walk to-and-from can be exhausting, especially after a long day.

Having to depend on friends and family for transportation makes him feel like a burden. The grocery store is too far of a walk, so he relies on his father or his friends for a ride.  His doctor’s office is only down the street, but on foot, it takes Daryl thirty minutes.

Paying it forward is extremely important to Daryl.  He has friends in his neighborhood who are going down the wrong path, a situation he was once in...

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VFC Teams Up with Mervo

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 5:49 PM

Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School (Mervo) teamed up with Vehicles for Change for two car awards. The students worked on the cars that were donated to Vehicles for Change (VFC) through the Mervo automotive training program and then handed over the keys to the two highly deserving recipients. 

Christopher was one of the car recipients, who was just recently hired at HMC, Inc. Karen, CEO at HMC, spoke about her new hire and how valuable he has become to the organization but also recognized that Christopher has had a hard time making it work on time consistently because of his difficult commute from Baltimore to Columbia. It takes him an hour and a half coming and going and includes several bus rides. The students also handed over keys to car recipient Kyeonia, a Center for Urban Families (CFUF) Strive program alumnus, who is now employed in the medical field. Kyeonia's...

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Turning Life Around

Monday, April 17, 2017 6:23 PM

Sometimes Joseph goes a month and a half without seeing his kids, ages three years old and one year old, because he does not have reliable transportation. He pays a coworker $20 a week to get a ride to work and to get a ride home. The money adds up quickly and his separation from his children is hard on him.

Joseph just recently graduated from Helping Up Mission, an addiction treatment center in Baltimore Maryland, where he was in their one-year program. It has been difficult for him to get to doctor’s visits; he says he “can’t get anything done without relying on someone else.”

With the help of Vehicles for Change’s car recipient award program Joseph will be able to visit his young children at least once a week. He will be able to easily attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings and looks forward to taking his kids on fun outings.

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In Her Own Words

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 8:36 PM

"I would just like to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the car program. People tend to take for granted owning a vehicle and the ease of which you can get things done. This car has changed my family’s lives and mine. We now have a new sense of time and are able to spend so much more time together. Before we lost about four hours in a day riding the bus and having a car has given that back to us. Programs like these really do change people's lives and my family and I are very grateful to have been a part of it.

We love our car so much. The first night I brought it home we went out and it was wonderful just to be driving in our own vehicle. We are going and are sharing our joy of having a car with others. Your program has made a difference in our lives so we do not take for granted what we have. We like to give rides to others we know and help them out...

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Finding Stability

Monday, March 27, 2017 7:41 PM

Roxane’s commute to work varies day-to-day because her transportation depends on whether or not a coworker can drive her or if she has to pay a cab to take her.  The twenty-seven miles can take up to two hours on a bad day.

She recently moved out of a homeless shelter and is worried about losing her job because of her lack of reliable transportation. Her grandparents have been kind enough to take in her five-year-old daughter but without a car, Roxane is hardly able to visit and spend time with her.

Roxane looks forward to her car award. She plans on spending a lot more time with her daughter and is excited about the independence that car ownership will provide her.

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Balancing Bills

Monday, March 20, 2017 6:01 PM

Rashidah has to wake up at 5 am in order to get her 2-year-old son to daycare and herself to work on time. Her 2-hour commute involves 3 buses and walking over 20 minutes. She worries about her son being outside in the elements, especially in the winter.

In Rashidah’s neighborhood buses stop running at 6 pm, so her and her son are hardly able to do anything outside of their normal routine. The cost of buses and the occasional taxi cab add up, and Rashidah has been finding it difficult to balance the cost of transportation with her other bills.

She is beyond excited to receive her car award from Vehicles for Change. Rashidah is going to drive her son to Chuck-E-Cheese’s and plans on helping out other people that are struggling with transportation.

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Car Provides a Better Life

Monday, March 6, 2017 9:44 PM

Vonjj works at a dental office and is enrolled in school to prepare for dental school. In order to get to work and school, she has to count on family members and cabs for transportation. Vonjj has three children who ride with her and are dropped off at school. When riding the public transportation, Vonjj and her children have to wake up early to catch the bus.

With her car, Vonjj is able to work, attend school and ensure her three children get to and from school without obstacles. A reliable and affordable car puts Vonjj one step close to achieving success and providing a better life for her family.

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Future Construction Manager

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 7:17 PM

Tewodros has a busy schedule that is made even more difficult without reliable transportation. He works a job most days but also has an internship as an electrician, and on top of that, he takes college classes. Tewodros is working on getting a degree in construction management. He has to walk two miles to get to the bus stop and then spends an hour and a half on the bus just to get to work. When he has his apprenticeship he has to take three buses and the light rail while carrying his heavy electrical equipment.

With his car award from Vehicles for Change Tewodros will be able to spend a lot less time in transit and more time with his son. He will be able to go to the doctors and the grocery store when he needs to, and not have to wait for his friends to be available. Tewodros is excited to drive to work and to school and eagerly looks forward to keeping the car in tip-top shape.

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A Long Road to a Better Life

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 7:01 PM

Abuk is the mother of five with a sixth child due any day now. It takes her 40 minutes to walk her children to school and to get to work. Abuk is used to living a hard life, as she along with her husband, immigrated as refugees to the United States in 2004 from South Sudan, a war-torn country.

She has worked hard to support her children and provide a better life for them here in the United States. With a child on the way, her new car will be a huge help. Abuk will no longer have to walk in the cold weather. She will finally be able to make all of her prenatal doctor's appointments and save money instead of using cabs to get to them. Best of all, she will be able to go shopping with her family for baby clothes.

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More Family Time

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 7:53 PM

Charlene Dozier has to have two jobs to support herself and her three children. When she isn't working she is busy figuring out transportation for herself and her children.This requires figuring out public transportation or asking friends for rides. The problem with public transportation is that the bus fare for four adds up quickly, and the bus schedule usually means a lot of waiting for the family.

 Vehicle ownership will allow Charlene to easily take her children to school and drive herself to and from work. A new car means Charlene can continue working two jobs, plus pick up more hours. She will be able to continue to care for her children, but also provide more for them than she could before.

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Making the Doctors Appointments

Monday, February 6, 2017 5:50 PM

Michelle Morris only lives seven minutes away from her job, so why does her daily commute take 30 minutes? Because the mother of five has to rely on public transportation. Without a vehicle, Michelle struggles to get her children to school on time. Her 12-year-old can’t participate in volleyball after school because she has no way of picking him up afterward.

It is difficult for Michelle to get her children to doctor’s appointments, which are crucial because her daughter suffers from an unknown diagnosis requiring 3-4 doctors visits a month. Michelle struggles to take her daughter to her appointments and make it back home at a reasonable time to take care of the rest of her children. The kids miss out on fun trips and outings because the bus fare for 6 is so expensive.

Michelle and her children are beyond excited for their car award. They look forward to spending more quality time with...

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Breathing Easy

Monday, January 30, 2017 6:06 PM

Lindsay Lewis lives 20 minutes from her job. She takes public transportation, but it requires taking multiple buses at unpredictable times. She has been late to work many times because of the inconsistent bus schedules. If Lindsay cannot take the bus, Lindsay has to rely on other people for rides and wait for them to finish up their plans. 

 Because Lindsay’s mother is retired, she is able to look after her son and provide daycare. Difficulties arise when her son needs to go to doctor’s appointments. He has breathing issues and has to see a specialist in Towson. Getting him there is tough, especially because they have to rely on public transportation. 

 Lindsay hopes to use her new car to drive to Pittsburg and visit family. Her mom’s car could not fit everyone, and they can now take two cars when her family wants to go places. She plans on decorating her car with a new personalized...

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Car Brings Opportunity to Whole Family

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 5:51 PM

Delania Straws is a hardworking mother of four, and works at Henry Ford Hospital. Her and her children rely on public transportation, and family and friends to get wherever they need to go. It is difficult for her children to attend afterschool activities, and they end up missing many events.

Vehicle ownership allows Delania to safely transport herself to and from work. Her car will allow her children to be more involved and successful in school. The entire family is excited for all of the opportunities their new car will provide.

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Moving in the Right Direction

Monday, January 23, 2017 3:46 PM

Julia Brown relies on her family to drive her to work 40 minutes away. Since she works at night, she has to get a ride to her mother’s house before work to drop her daughter off. It takes a lot of effort for Julia to coordinate her schedule based on her friend's availability. Her daughter has missed cheerleading and band practice because of their lack of transportation.

Julia’s new car will change her life tremendously. She will continue to work at night in order to take care of her daughter during the day, but will take on more hours to earn more money. Julia will finally be able to take her daughter to cheerleading competitions and band practice. She will be able to save up money that she would have been spending on public transportation. She plans to decorate her car with a radio and GPS system.

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On The Path to Freedom

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 4:41 PM

Hope Thomas-Devs has a one-hour commute to work everyday. She leaves her home at 5:15a.m. and takes two buses and the subway to get to work at 7a.m. The commute is difficult for Hope, especially when the buses are late or there are subway delays.

To get to the grocery store, Hope has to walk there and then pay for cab rides back home with her groceries. She has trouble leaving her house because she does not want to deal with the MTA. Hope has a 7-year-old grandchild who she watches a fair amount. She cannot do activities with her because she does not want to wait for the bus on her days off.

Hope’s new car will allow her to pick her grandchild up from school and enjoy social activities with her. Hope will no longer have to stand at the bus stop in the cold. She looks forward to freedom and independence, and plans on letting her mother name the car.

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No More Costly Cabs

Monday, January 16, 2017 4:47 PM

Kelli Jackson lives in Howard County, but works half an hour away at BWI airport as an emergency dispatcher. Everyday she takes an Uber to and from work, which usually costs around $40 one way. She has two daughters, ages 5 and 8, who are looked after by her grandparents while she is at work. In addition to Ubering to work, Kelli also has to Uber to her grandparent’s house everyday to pick up her kids.

Because of Kelli’s schedule, she has to take her kids out of school two hours early everyday except Tuesdays, Fridays and every other weekend. Her oldest daughter is greatly impacted, and has to miss her favorite subject, math. She is able to take the work home with her, but it can be a struggle. 

Not having reliable transportation has impacted how Kelli runs her errands. When they get groceries, they walk to the market but have to Uber home with the bags. Sometimes if the day is busy,...

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Time to Help Others

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 5:15 PM

Christina Lester is the mother of three kids, ages 2,4 and 6. She pays for a cab to get her 2-year-old and 4-year-old to daycare everyday. It takes her 20 minutes in a cab everyday to get to work, which adds up to $18 per day. Christina is not able to take her kids to Chuck E Cheese or the park without a car, and they can’t play sports because of the cab costs.

Christina just graduated culinary school for catering, and wants to get a better job with her culinary background. She plans to use her new car to pursue her dream, and embrace her passion of cooking by getting her business license. She will take her kids out to the park and to do other activities. Christina will also serve the homeless at her church on Sundays.

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Mom's First Car

Monday, January 9, 2017 4:50 PM

Amanda Serio has three children ages 12, 8 and 2. It is hard for her and her children to get places when relying on public transportation. Amanda has had to walk a mile to and back from the grocery store, sometimes walking in the cold or heat with many grocery bags.

Amanda uses her mom or grandma's car to get to work. Sometimes if they need the car, her friends help out and drive her. She has had to cancel doctor’s appointments for her children when she didn’t have a ride. Her children are also not able to go on play dates because they have no way of getting there.

Amanda will use her new car to take her children to play dates. She plans on taking her kids to ocean city for vacation. This will be Amanda’s first car, so she will be sure to keep it clean and detailed.

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New Opportunities for Dedicated Mother

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 3:54 PM

Amekqua Phillip has to rely on her mother for rides or on Ubers to take her to work. She works at three different locations, which can be erratic and difficult to keep up with. The cost for Ubers can be up to $17. Amekqua has a one-year-old daughter who has to be dropped off on the way to work and back. Since her daughter gets too cold or cranky on the bus, they have to wake up earlier for an Uber.

Amekqua’s new car will allow her to go to the grocery store with her mom. She will go and visit her great Aunt in Baltimore City. She plans on decorating the car and keeping her and her daughter warm.

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