A Concerned Mother

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 8:49 PM

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Erum is a mother of two children, aged eight and three-years-old. Due to her lack of reliable transportation, her children half to walk to school and daycare, even in inclement weather. As their mother, this causes her to worry about the health and safety of her children. Erum’s daily commute can easily extend over four hours a day via bus, but with a car, she says the trip their and back would be no more than forty-five minutes. Her eldest son wishes to play sports after school, however, without a car, the possibilities of that are slim to none. 

With this car award, Erum can not only spend more time with her family, but she can also save time and money driving to work and back. She explains, “It (car award) will save me time and money that I always end up paying to the daycare provider if I am running late. Most importantly, my kid will get to daycare safely.” Erum is going to take her family on a much-needed vacation, something they haven’t had in three years. She also wants to make small day trips on the weekend to Washington D.C. to sightsee and get to know the area.