A Family Man

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 4:45 PM

Robert receives car award keys from Awards Coordinator Lauren Ring

          Robert is an employee for Gettle Electric, but was previously an apprentice for the Project JumpStart Program. During his apprenticeship, he relied heavily on his co-workers to drive him to and from work, paying a total of $100 a week for their generosity and flexibility. His other option for transportation was by bus, which made a 10 minute car commute turn into 45 minutes, one way. Robert’s young nephew also wants to join the football team at his school, but without a car, the commute would prove to be inaccessible, leaving Robert feeling guilty.

            With his new car award, Robert no longer has to rely on others nor spend large amounts money on transportation. This car will also help him spend more quality time with his niece and nephew. “I won’t have to just get off of work and go to point ‘B’. I’ll be able to put my nephew into the football league and I’ll be able to pick my niece up from her Headstart program. Not to mention the peace of mind…being able to listen to what I want to.” When asked where he would go first with his car award, he said he’d travel to Pennsylvania for a company party held by his current employer.