A Sparkle of Hope

Monday, January 8, 2018 7:57 PM

thumbnail_recipient Jewel.jpg

Jewel is a mother of four children aged twenty, seventeen, ten and seven-years-old. She relies heavily on her mother to drive her, in order to get from place-to-place. Her mother is in need of hip replacement surgery but has decided to put it on the back burner until Jewel and her children are standing on their own two feet. With four kids to take care of, Jewel often times finds herself struggling to juggle everyday tasks, such as taking her youngest to school, traveling to the grocery store and laundry mat, or helping her eldest to get to work on time. 

With this car award, Jewel cannot only drive herself to work but can also help her children get to school and work. Thus, giving her mother the time and space she needs to focus on her health. She explains, “This opened the doors for me to be a better mom to my kids.” Jewel also feels prideful that this is the first car that is in her name and is determined to treat with care.