Beatrice | Baltimore City

Thursday, June 6, 2019 7:31 PM

Beatrice - 2019.png

Beatrice was born and raised in Baltimore City. She works for Personal Home Care, with one job in Catonsville and another in Baltimore City. These commutes made relying on public transportation difficult, as buses were often crowded, delayed and made multiple stops along her route to work. Traveling by bus took Beatrice an hour and a half to get to Catonsville.  Beatrice is also a mother to seven-year-old, Walter. When commuting by bus, Beatrice made one stop to drop off Walter at school, then caught another two buses to work. Commuting by bus often caused Beatrice to arrive home after her son had already fallen asleep.

Beatrice also struggled with getting to the grocery store, carrying her shopping bags on her commute and missing doctor’s appointments due to late and delayed buses. While public transportation caused Beatrice troubles in carrying out daily chores, it also affected her family. Beatrice often runs errands to help her sister, her mom, her clients, as well as her uncle who is disabled.  Beatrice said that her newly awarded VFC car will help get her sister to appointments as well as to family outings at the park.

Now, with her newly awarded 2011 Toyota Yaris from Vehicles for Change, Beatrice is excited to start a new job. She is also a student at Ultimate Medical Academy online and is looking forward to having more time to study. When asked if there was one thing, she would say to her car donor, Beatrice said, “I would thank them and let them know that they saved a part of me and gave me the ability to move forward.” She was also sure to include that her VFC car award will help her connect more with her family. For her car donor, Beatrice stated, “I am forever grateful and appreciate them very, very much.”

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