"I Am Able to Support My Family"

Sunday, July 20, 2014 11:50 PM

"I received my car last May and it changed everything for my 4 children and me! I live in Bedford VA and after being in such a dark place personally and financially following a nasty divorce, no monetary means and couldn't take a real job since I had no transportation. I am so happy to say we are on the best upswing ever!!  Never say Never!!  I got my van in time to begin a new job as a bookkeeper and back up clinic nurse for an elementary school in Forest, VA where my little Sam, 1st grade, goes to school. He says I am his hero!

I am able to support my family and they are so proud of the many steps that mom has taken to better our lives!!  It has not been, nor will it continue, I'm sure, without struggles but it is good now and having such an incredibly unselfish and loving group of people that have stepped in to help us in our desperation for "change".  I look forward to the day when I will be able to give such a generous gift but such a life changing gift to help someone like me.  I am eternally grateful and please remind others that think there's no hope, yes, life is hard and that may never change, but here is hope, and change can be on the way. My kids lovingly refer to the van as our "swag-a-wagon"! We sing, dance and are able to be a family again thanks to you all.  Gotta run, I'm off to work and pick up kids from basketball!!
Most Ever Grateful!!!!!!" 

Much Love,  Liz P.