Ivorie | Harford County, MD

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 7:56 PM

Ivorie - 2019.png

Ivorie is a mom of three boys, two of which are her four-year-old twins named Matthew and Michael. Ivory is a Harford County resident and currently works for Amazon, a commute more than 40 miles from home, which translates to a three-hour commute by bus. Without transportation of their own, Ivorie and her family’s quality of life has wavered. As a mother, Ivorie wants to spend more time with her children, but it’s a challenge when the majority of her day is spent commuting to-and-from work. Lack of transportation has also taken a toll on her children’s health. As Ivorie explained, “One of my twins needs to go have his tonsils out. Without a car, I couldn't take him. It's hard to watch your kids be sick like that and know they need the surgery and you can't get them there.”

Now with her newly awarded 2012 Chevrolet Malibu from Vehicles for Change, Ivorie is looking forward to a shorter commute time to work and being able to get her and her sons’ health back on track! “I'll be able to provide for my family in ways I just couldn't before,” she said. Ivorie is also planning a special outing to Chuck E. Cheese for her and her children – an activity they’ve always wanted to do but weren’t able.  

Ivorie’s new vehicle will also help provide her with new educational and career opportunities. She’ll be starting school in August at Essex Community College, a feat that will serve as a launchpad for her to better provide for her family. “Now that I can drive to campus, I plan to go talk with an advisor and explore the many different career paths available to me,” she said. However, earning her RN or a law degree are top contenders.   

As for her children, Ivorie’s newly awarded vehicle is providing a ton of excitement, and have already named the vehicle “The Car Car” after characters from their favorite TV show, PJ Masks. Ivorie would like to tell her donor: “Thank you for helping to improve the quality of life for me and my children!”

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