James | Baltimore City

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 3:01 PM

James - 2019.png

James is a hard-working single dad with a passion for restorative construction, computer science and learning new things. James was originally born in Long Island. Later in life, he moved to Baltimore City from Florida, where his daughter and her mother currently live. Right now, James works in restorative bridge and tunnel construction. “I love my job!” he says. “I’m happy with the job I'm doing in construction.” James has been working with PDI Sheetz Construction for about a month now.

Commuting by bus has been difficult for James. Sometimes the cost of commuting is too high, and he has had trouble finding the funds to pay for it and get to work. James’ average commute time is an hour and a half to two hours by bus. This same commute takes a mere fifteen minutes by car.

Now with his newly awarded 2003 Jeep Liberty from Vehicles for Change, James has a lot to look forward to! As he explained, “I needed a little SUV. I needed a certain amount of space for things. It will take so much pressure off of everyone, even my bosses. It will take much pressure off of a lot of good people.” One aspect of life without a car was having to rely on others for rides. James discussed how he would sometimes have to ask his niece and nephew to come and pick him up, which he didn’t like to do as their uncle. With his VFC car, James said that life is finally falling into place. For James, his new car is a sign of freedom.

When asked if there was something that he would like to say to the donor of his vehicle, James stated, “I guess I just want them to know that I never gave up on myself and I appreciate the blessing of them donating a vehicle right at the time that I needed one most. I hope that God blesses them for changing my life.”