Lacey | Pasadena, MD

Monday, April 1, 2019 2:18 PM

Lacey - 2019.png

Lacey is a hard-working single mother of three children aged 11, 9, and 8 years old. She currently lives with her beautiful family in Pasadena, Maryland. Without a car of her own, Lacey has to rely on friends and family to drive to her job at Holts Construction. If she is unable to find a ride, then she must commute by bus, doubling the time it takes to get to work. Lacey found it difficult always having to be dependent on others’ schedules. But, more importantly, she struggled to spend quality time with her children such as simple outings, like the park or the local mall. Not having a car impeded her ability to schedule routine doctor’s appointments for herself and her family.

Now that she has her car award from VFC, a 2008 yellow Hyundai Accent, Lacey no longer has to worry about depending on others to help her get to work on time! Lacey is looking forward to having more job opportunities now that she won’t be bound by transportation constraints. With her car award, she is able to take her daughter to dance practice and her sons to football and basketball games. Lacey is already planning a family trip to Ocean City for the summer! “I want to say thank you to my car donor. You have helped me out immensely!”