Lenci | Baltimore City

Monday, June 24, 2019 3:15 PM

Lenci - 2019.png

Lenci currently lives in Baltimore City, is an employee of Sinai hospital and the father of a fifteen-year-old son. While Lenci lives approximately twelve miles away from work, his average commute ranges from an hour and a half to two hours by bus. Life without a car not only affected Lenci, but also his son. Relying on public transportation meant that Lenci and his son were subjected to the weather, bus routes being shut down, and in some cases, violence. Without having transportation of his own, it was also difficult for Lenci's son to participate in after-school sports and activities. 

With his new 2000 Saturn Station Wagon from Vehicles for Change, Lenci now looks forward to a 20-minute commute to-and-from work every morning. With his VFC car, Lenci stated that he will have more time to prepare for work in the morning. In Lenci’s words, his new car makes him feel “like a kid in a candy store.” As he explained, “It took three hours out of my day to get to and from work. On my off days, I can now cover more ground to go where I want.” Lenci is looking forward to taking a trip to visit his family in New York. Lenci also explained how owning a vehicle is life changing. As Lenci stated, “not having the freedom of a vehicle is restrictive to liberty.” When asked if there was one thing that he would like to say to the donor of his new VFC car, Lenci stated, “Thank you! Thank you for not just leaving this car on the side of the road or selling it for personal gain. You’ve given me a sign of hope that I wouldn’t have been afforded otherwise.”