Lorelle C. - Howard County

Friday, May 10, 2019 1:47 PM

Lorelle - 2019.png

Lorelle C. is a hard-working mother of two daughters, Dylan and Khayla, aged 7 and 21. Originally raised in West Baltimore, Lorelle now resides in Columbia, Maryland. Even though Lorelle lives in Howard County, she works in the city at the Baltimore City Health Department. Without a car, this meant that Lorelle’s commute could last up to two hours. Additionally, other stops on her route included dropping off her daughter to daycare in the morning and picking her back up in the afternoon. Lorelle relied on taking the bus and occasionally catching a ride from friends or family, even to the grocery store. Lorelle stated that she also struggled with not receiving invites to events and family gatherings due to her need for car rides. 

After receiving her 2003 Subaru Forester through our Car Award program, Lorelle stated that owning a car will grant her newfound independence. Lorelle admitted that she had even purchased a “rookie driver” bumper sticker before receiving her new car, so she could put it on as soon as she got her Subaru. Now that she has been awarded her car, Lorelle is able to take her daughter to events and will be able to simply “get in the car and go to the grocery store.” Lorelle stated that her kids would get cold and wet at bus stops, as they would often have to wait for the bus in the rain. With a car, Lorelle imagines her daughter stating, “I can go and do this because mommy has a car.” When asked if there was one place she would like to visit with her new car, Lorelle quickly stated that she will be traveling to Pennsylvania to see her daughter, who is enrolled in college there.

Because Lorelle currently works in Baltimore City and her youngest daughter is in school in Howard County, she wants to be closer to her daughter during the workday. With her new car, Lorelle hopes to find a job in Howard County, especially one with the Howard County Public School System. Lorelle looks forward to advancing her career and financial opportunities with the independence that her new car has given her. As Lorelle put it, “I don’t have to wait on anybody to do anything now.” Lorelle described her new car as “a blessing” and thanks her donor for donating their car.