Meet The Shaws

Sunday, July 20, 2014 11:51 PM

shaw familyThis week, VFC will be awarding a car to a very special family! Meet the Shaws – a lovely family of 6 who hails from the picturesque town of Frederick, MD. Despite living within walking distance of Frederick’s downtown historical district, the Shaw’s proximity doesn’t help them accomplish their day-to-day tasks, such as traveling to work, school and the grocery store.

The nearest – and most affordable – grocery store is 4 miles away, which means that the Shaws must pay $30 in cab fare each time they shop. Life without a car proved especially difficult when Casey Shaw was pregnant with her younger two children. While the Shaws receive medical assistance from the state, no local physicians are covered through their state insurance. For her weekly prenatal visits, Casey had to travel as far as Westminster, which is 30 miles away and unreachable by public transit.

While Kyle Shaw has been able to maintain his job at Goodwill of the Monacacy without a vehicle, it became clear that he needed a vehicle in order to advance his career. In fact, recently Kyle was recently promoted to assistant manager – a promotion that was contingent on Shaw having his own reliable transportation. His case manager at Goodwill put him in touch with Vehicles for Change, and on Wednesday, August 14th, the Shaws will be driving away in their very own minivan!

VFC was so touched with the Shaws story that we asked that they let us peek into their world, so that VFC supporters can hear their story, in their own words! Stay tuned this week to see from the Shaws how much a car has impacted their life, and what opportunities a car has given them!