Monique - Lansdowne

Friday, May 24, 2019 7:46 PM

Monique - 2019.png

Monique is a working mother to two daughters and one son. Originally from Washington D.C., Monique now resides in Lansdowne. However, Monique’s job is 40 miles away in Rockville. For Monique, getting to work without a car meant trying to catch rides with friends or take Lyfts. Monique’s commute to work usually took more than 45 minutes. With three kids, Monique also made stops dropping off her children at school and daycare in the morning, as well as picking them back up after work. Along with taking care of her three children, Monique also takes her cousin to his dialysis appointments three times a week. Owning her own car would make getting to and from these appointments much smoother. Without a car, Monique and her children had to find ways to get to the grocery store and do laundry. It was also difficult for Monique and her children to visit their relatives in D.C. as much as they had wanted to.

After being awarded her new 2005 Santa Fe Hyundai from Vehicles for Change, Monique is excited to visit with family in D.C. as well as drive her children to after-school activities. With her new car, Monique will now take her three-year-old daughter to the library for story time. She is also going to take her nine-year-old daughter to drama classes, as she is enrolled at their local YMCA. Monique’s seven-year-old son also likes to play basketball and will have more opportunities to do so with the family’s new VFC car! When it comes to her own hobbies, Monique likes to do yoga. She is looking forward to spending more time on activities for each member of her family. Monique has also planned a family trip to Ocean City so her children can see the beach. While Monique’s new car will help her to spend more time with her family, it will also help her with her career goals. As Monique explained, her car will allow her to be on time every day and “never miss another day of work” due to relying on rides from others. When asked if there was one thing she would like to say to her VFC car donor, Monique said: “I would like to tell them thank you and that this has really helped me and my kids do important things that we were not able to do previously.”