Nadia | Silver Spring

Thursday, June 27, 2019 8:40 PM

Nadia - 2019.png

Nadia, originally from Somalia, currently resides in Silver Spring, Maryland with her four children aged ten, seven, five, and one. On top of raising her children, Nadia is also a hardworking nursing student at Prince George’s Community College. Nadia is passionate about learning, especially when it comes to nursing. While Nadia lives approximately seven miles from work, as a mother of four, her morning and evening commutes include multiple stops at different locations. In Nadia’s words, “the commute time felt like it lasted forever.” Nadia made stops to drop her children off at school and daycare, while also making frequent trips to the grocery store. Nadia described life without a car as stressful. As a nursing student, Nadia must be on time for her clinicals, one of which begins at 6:00 in the morning.

With her 2005 Dodge Grand Cherokee from Vehicles For Change, Nadia’s average commute time will now be cut down to an estimated twenty-five minutes. When thinking about how life will be different with her car, Nadia said, “I will be more prompt. It will relieve some stress.” Nadia also stated that she is looking forward to saving money now that she owns a vehicle of her own. In the past, Nadia had relied on buses and rental cars, each with their own set of costs. But Nadia isn’t the only one who is excited about her new VFC car. Nadia’s oldest daughter was very interested in the process of getting their family’s new minivan from Vehicles for Change. As Nadia explained, her family used to own a Dodge Grand Cherokee many years ago. Her daughter often said that she missed her family’s old minivan. As luck would have it, Nadia’s VFC donor happened to donate the very same vehicle that Nadia and her children once loved so much!

When writing a thank you letter to the donor of her vehicle, Nadia started off by addressing her donor with the words “Dear Angel.” In Nadia’s words, “Their generosity is amazing. His or her donation is definitely helping our family for sure.” As Nadia explained, life without a vehicle meant fewer outings and activities for Nadia and her children. With her VFC minivan, Nadia is already planning a trip to Ocean City for her family. Nadia can’t wait to use the extra time that comes with owning a vehicle to spend time with her family and continue on her journey as a nursing student. Congratulations, Nadia!