Ready for Change (2)

Monday, October 10, 2016 5:41 PM

Gary Jackson has to travel 13 minutes to his job everyday, which takes him up to an hour and 30 minutes on public transportation. With a car, his time will be cut in half.

Gary has two daughters and four granddaughters. Because of his lack of transportation, he is unable to give them a ride. Gary wishes he were more available in his grandchildren’s lives. He cannot run regular errands like go to Walmart or the Laundromat, and it is extremely difficult for him to carry groceries on the bus.

With his car, Gary will be able to go to the supermarket regularly, as well as go to work easily. He is excited to spend time with his grandkids and to take them to places such as the movies, aquarium, and science center.

Gary says he is blessed to have a vehicle and gives thanks to VFC!