The Big Kick-Off!

Sunday, July 20, 2014 11:50 PM

Alright – so Wednesday’s photo shoot went well, let’s see if tomorrow’s kick-off event over at PNC goes just as well. It’s the inaugural van event, and we’re going to be down at Hopkins Plaza just outside of the PNC.



The kick-off  went off without a hitch. WMAR Channel 2 came out and I met a reporter (Jessica Cottrell from the Baltimore Brew) who took some great pictures of the Art Van Team (Marcus, Cameron and I) in front of the van, along with some of the van being painted. Take a look:

The PNC employees were really enthusiastic and excited to paint the van, and that enthusiasm was catching! It got all of us even more pumped to get started with events. They also gave us a great dry run to see how things would fit together and how many people we would need to take along. Just like PNC was instrumental in making the Art Van happen, its employees were just as essential in fine-tuning the public painting process (try saying THAT three times fast!).