What Matters

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 1:42 PM

InDira Cue balances taking classes at Temple University, going to work, and taking care of her children. All of these things she does without a car. It has been difficult for InDira to get to places on time. It takes her over an hour just to get to work, and if she is late to pick up her kids at daycare there are late fees she has to pay.

Because InDira was having trouble getting her daughter to school due to transportation issues last year, her daughter had to be placed at a school closer to their home. It’s clear how much of an impact not having a car had on her family’s life.

With her new car, many opportunities will be opened for InDira. She will be able to drive her daughter to school, and have a shorter commute to work.  InDira looks forward to being able to focus on what matters. “I’ll be able to drive to my mother and grandmother who both live in North Philadelphia and help them,” she says.